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Niklesh Malkani


Mumbai (India)

Niklesh Malkani's, flexible shooting style, look and approach when shooting weddings is what makes him and his team unique.'Say Cheeze Photography ' , his company was started 18 years back in 1998.The studio specialises in weddings, babies, maternity and families and corporate films and profile pictures. Niklesh opened the studio with two goals in mind: To create artistic portraits of people, and to give his clients a unique experience that will be remembered and cherished for generations.Portraits of the bride and groom are approached with a modern and editorial style while the ceremony and reception have a more photo-journalistic approach.

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Niklesh Malkani About

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Niklesh Malkani About

Beautiful staircase at Emirates Palace in Abudhabi gave a beautiful backdrop for this pic. Was lucky enough to shoot at this beautiful location.

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“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”
The couple Bhakti & Kiran were so co operative when we were shooting this pic . The rocks were so slippery, but they still did not fuss one bit and went and stood there for at least 20 mins. I was Waiting for the waves to crash against the rocks .
Kudos to the couple.

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Niklesh Malkani About

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Niklesh Malkani About

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We got very lucky getting this particular shot. We were walking down the private beach at emirates palace hotel, and I was waiting for sunset. I had a good shot before this, but something was missing. I told the bride to let her veil sour in the wind. Once the veil was held by me in one hand, it looked perfect. Shot this with the camera in one hand, and the veil in the other.

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