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Jeff Chang

Vancouver (Canada)

Jeff + Cat: We are the creatively passionate and relationship driven team behind The Apartment Photography. It is a partnership we have been building since the day we met in college, and has continued to bring us closer together.

When it comes to wedding photography our goal is to capture the day as authentically and honestly as possible. True candid moments and beautifully casual portraits come together to create a library of images that bring you right back to the day.

Profile photo by: Shari + Mike Photographers

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Honestly, we have location scouting to thank for this image. The day before their wedding we headed up to Squamish, BC to scout the locations we had researched online. Funny enough, of the five locations not one of them had what we were looking for. In a last ditch effort we drove 30 minutes down a dirt road and ended up here! We were so excited to work with such an incredible landscape.

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