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Susana De la Llave

Studio: Susana de la Llave

Cadiz (Spain)

Apasionada de la fotografía y de las bodas, en especial!

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Susana De la Llave About

Changing times...from Summer to Autumn, from day to night, from light to darkness...

...Gesture drawn as a shadow over the white walls of St. Catalina Castle, at Cadiz, built by King Felipe II to enforce the existing fortress of St. Sebastian from the regular pirate's attacks that arrive by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea...

...is there anything stronger than Love showed with a kiss?

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Susana De la Llave About

Magical photo at the 'Magic Point'.

Located in a beautiful and mystical point next to the Atlantic Ocean coast, in the south of Spain, a few miles from where the legend says that Hercules held his columns.

Shot on an autumn rainy day, a couple hours after the ceremony, with nearly no natural light and only supported by flash lighting outside the camera, on its right.

No tricks, no treats, just a kiss among raindrops!

Really love this picture!

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