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Eva Schweizer

Oosterhout (Netherlands)

My background as a graphic designer, bachelor at the School of Arts and a trip around the world have influenced my photographic vision. Real emotions are central to my approach, contrast and moody colors in the finishing touch. I am fascinated by authentic elements in life, call it a vintage perspective. For me, life is full of vintage moments, moments in the now that you know you will cherish them later. Whether you're getting married, expecting a child or you are proud of your family ... You always want to carry these moments with you. I set back the clock for a while and make emotional moments memorable.

Each session is customized and on-site with a distinct style, love and patience.

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Eva Schweizer About

Chris & Corrie; this is what should appear when looking up the word Love in a dictionary!

We had the chance of making photo's outdoors in a wonderful natureparc near Genk in Belgium. Just when we're almost finished at this location it started to pour down and thunder was on the way. We had arranged some time at the historical hall of C-mine so we decided to take some more pictures at this former coal mine. This newly wedded love couple fitted so well in the characteristic, old hall, they made me feel as if we had arrived at the 1920s. They danced, laughed and took time to connect deeply in this last 30 minutes before we went back to the party where their guest waited their return. Thankful of their trust in me to capture their honest and authentic selves and what their true love looks like, it's so melancholic to me!

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