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Erik Ng

Vancouver (Canada)

Weddings N Photos is base out of Vancouver Canada, specialize in weddings and events photography. For every photo that we take, we try telling your story. We love capturing the genuine emotions of the day, and frame the emotions with an background element that tells your story.

We love creative lighting challenge, share your vision, we love to make it happen

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Tiffany and Jonathan bought new sunglasses anticipating a sunny wedding at Brew Creek, near Whistler Canada. On the day of the wedding, it rained non stop, enough rain to compensate for the drought in May. Undaunted by the down pour, the newlywed cheerfully put their sunglasses and danced in the rain

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Erik Ng About

Tina and Leo are both car lovers. It was late at night in Granville Island, with the Burrard Bridge as backdrop, we help show off their love for each other and their common love to speed. Occasionally you might find them cruising along the mountain roads, or toward Whistler from Vancouver.

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