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Yuji Takahashi

Honolulu (United States)

I have been a wedding photographer in Oahu 14 years. Since then I was mesmerized by Hawaii's beautiful nature and deep color of the landscape. The way I was reaching the goal is always to hang and play around with the couple, embracing their joy of love, celebrating their big day, and make their moments forever with my photographs!

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Yuji Takahashi About
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Yuji Takahashi About

I and couple went to Sunset shooting after the ceremony. Because Shun and Asuna were so spontaneous, they started to play around and lie down on the grass while I was scouting down the area. I simply asked her to tip his nose with her finger to add some more flavor. The sun perfectly glowed and lit her lovely hair, while the bokeh of background is as elegant as her smile!

28 collection
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