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Let's Make a Memory

San Dimas, California

Los Angeles, California

Engagement, Wedding

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Let’s Make a Memory is the premier wedding photography studio in San Dimas, a city in Greater Los Angeles. For over A decade, we helped our wedding clients in Los Angeles and Orange County create lasting memories.

Photographs are timeless chapters in a day celebrated with love and affection and can be told in several ways. No two weddings are alike and thus, when we come to capture your wedding, your story will be told in a manner of how the day transpires.

Our wedding photography style instills a sense of joy, romance, and emotions. We value traditions, family, and most importantly the celebration of love.

We are storytellers that are reflective of the jovial and romantic ambiance of the day.


When I saw this log on the beach, I totally needed to make an editorial piece of a shot and I am glad that the birds behind them came through as well.


Here is an engagement session shoot that I shot in Downtown Los Angeles; many photographers take their photos with their clients at this location, but I wanted an image that would look extraordinary. As I saw in my peripheral vision, a car was passing through, I just pressed the shutter, and I was able to capture this beautiful engagement photo.


The couple was supposed to get married outdoors, but the rain dampened their plans, so we did not have any photos of the outdoors. When they opened the dancefloor, I said to myself that I could not leave the wedding without any outdoor shot of the couple as they paid for this venue because of the scenery. It was around 55 degrees outside, and it was foggy. I had asked my assistant to ask the couple to pose about 60 meters away from me. Because they already did an engagement session with me, they already knew my verbal cues without explaining how I wanted them to pose. I placed a Speedlight behind them, and this magical photo came out straight out of the camera, and the couple ended up printing this for their wall-art.

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