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Houston, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Engagement, Wedding, Maternity

22 Awards

Amalya, a university-trained journalist now focusing exclusively on photography, hails from Moscow, Russia. As a schoolgirl she roamed the streets of that peerless Slavic metropolis (not alone, of course), honing her black-and-white skills on Grandpa's cherished prewar Leica. Now based in Houston, Texas, there is no finer day than one spent behind the camera, putting her subjects at ease and capturing them in their finest moments, candid or posed. Amalya's photography emanates from deep within - motivated and inspired, above all, by her love of the art and for her subjects, and for capturing everything that is human in every image.


As we know, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

If a woman is really serious about that, she puts her diamonds where her mouth is!


The majesty of nature is the beginning of inspiration for every wedding.
Breathtaking white sand dunes perfectly represent a bride's purity and elegance.
Her stunning Bohemian bouquet is the perfect finishing touch.
Miss Global USA 2022 victoriously steps into the aisle as a goddess of the desert.

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