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Pulaski, Tennessee

Engagement, Wedding

10 Awards

I’m a Nashville TN based wedding, couple and lifestyle photographer, on a mission to help you look and feel your absolute best self during our time spent together! My clients are my friends, my muse and my priority. I’ll do everything I can to make your experience of working with me - fun, exciting and confidence boosting. We’ll talk, laugh, drink coffee (or booze), put some good music on, so you feel relaxed and forget about my big, fat, camera lens following you around.

I absolutely love Nashville Tennessee and I’ve explored all types of activities and adventures, while searching for “my true self”. I’ve come to realize that I don’t have to choose between mountain hikes and lazy beach trips, between my converse shoes , or a high class cocktail party in high heels. It brings me joy to be able to do both.
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When you fall in love with someone who knows your favorite cereal, exactly how you take your coffee, leaves you love notes daily, will watch a tear jerker with tears in their eyes, you know you have found the one.


Ashley and Joe needed a quite moment to just themselves, away from the music blaring, people shouting, and the chaos that comes with most wedding days. We saw this corner in the hotel lobby and suddenly turned into an artform that envelopes their quiet moments.


Jordan and Jonathan should have been born in the '60s! Their style and vibe were perfect for our 60's inspired shoot, especially since they decided to have a small courthouse wedding during the pandemic. Now they have amazing images that suit their personalities and style.


Felicia and Stefan were determined that Covid would not stop them from saying " I do", sure things may have been different than they originally pictured their wedding to be, but they adapted and moved forward. During the major Covid shut down to keep busy and keep Stefan from going crazy they ( well mostly him) would work on this car, so naturally this had to be included in their " Covid" wedding. As their wedding day came to an end, the rain stopped, out came a rainbow, and then this killer sky, the perfect way to include his project who had been such a comfort to him in the past several months in their wedding.

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