Chris Randle

Chris Randle Photography

Newcastle upon Tyne, North East – England

Engagement, Wedding

’m generally an emotional guy; I mean I can’t count how many times I’ve had to fight back tears during a wedding. I care about my couples and it fills me with joy to see two people in love, tie the knot! Having kids, I completely understand the need for capturing events as they unfold. The tears, the laughs and the party atmosphere. It’s all over in an instant so let me be your third set of eyes. I capture the things you miss, the things you don’t see… I’ve even been known to make the most camera-shy couples, look absolutely awesome! I’m a fun-loving type of guy, with a positive attitude. I love my two girls (Penny & Matilda) my cat (Dallas) and doggo (Nash).

Give me a whiskey & coke, pop on the soundtrack from Drive and I’ll be dancing badly all night long. I have a serious obsession with anything from the 80s – in fact, it just has to reference the 80s and I’ll probably love it! Finally, I love a bit of adventure. Seeing new places, having new experiences… It makes me feel free! I