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A Happy, Snappy, Chappy with a Camera, Wife, Child & Dog ( In no particular order)

I love to capture emotions - people and animals though mainly it’s weddings. I love to capture those moments that occur when people think you are not watching - the natural, real, just let yourself go moments when you just can’t help it.

Based in and covering the whole of the UK as well as destination weddings.

Always on the lookout for an opportunity and to collaborate.


2 amazing newly weds, 2 Aston Martin's, 2 speedlites along with some magmod gear and this photo was a must, I just had to use at least one of those cars!

The Stanwick Hotel in Wellingborough, UK was the backdrop for this one and some warm lights between the buildings just at the end of the blue hour. I got the caretaker of the car to reverse it into place just away from the wedding chaos - in the the couple climbed and just went into auto pilot with a few kisses and moments. I just watched and flashed at them! Boom!


This one was in Ashbourne, UK on a farm that is being renovated to be a new UK wedding venue by the bride, her new husband and the farm owners.

The barn isn't ready, but the outdoor area a purpose build large pond/ small lake was - the whole day was amazing with a mixture of every weather condition bar snow! Well, it felt like it!!

We moved some safety gates and wandered into one of the old abandoned buildings on site and found this graffiti and the window where I knew exactly what I wanted to do! Street art and weddings, what a great combo in a moody black and white thanks to a bride game for almost anything!


An epic Tipi wedding at Inkersall Grange Farm that had so much going on I didn't know where to start first, but when I saw the ladies in their finery diving for footballs, I was not going to miss that!!

A great wedding day for James and Katie that I won't be forgetting in a hurry! One of those weddings where you cannot stop shooting and you end up with a sore neck and shoulder area for days after, but it was well worth it!!


My first Santorini wedding and this photo says it all!

Bridal prep at the Kastelli Resort Hotel where this was taken, wedding at the Gem and Photos in the nearby Pyrgos and a boat load of laughter all day long as well as bottomless bubbly!

What an amazing wedding topped off with this award! Thank you to Adam and Sadie for taking me with you!


Almost the last photo of the day as we walked back from an amazing bridge and fountain shot using some smoke grenades at the Nottingham golf and country club - we passed this bunker where I joked about the couple jumping into it! No thought needed, Kate said immediately "let's do it", so we did!

So grateful to work with couples who are up for a laugh and doing all manner of crazy stuff!!

What a wedding season!!


Having a proper good laugh during a pre-wedding/ engagement shoot at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, UK.
Dodging around the deer, ducks, and wild pedestrians we explored a few rocky parts, trails, and undergrowth! A bit of gentle wind gave Emma a little hair lift now and then like in this photo which I thought worked well while others had the dreaded stray hairs in the face!
This award is a nice touch, especially after I ended up with a prolapsed disc in my back by the end of it! Worth the pain? You decide!LOL!! (Good job my wife and son came along to explore the park while I did this - I was grateful for the chauffeur back I can tell you!)


An epic day at Bawdon Lodge in Loughborough, UK with this lovely bunch! They were up for almost anything - so after playing around with some blue smoke grenades and doing a bit of a 'here come the girls' catwalk strutt, which when 8 ladies are bearing down on you, it's quite menacing (lol), they ended up 'striking a pose' or some ridiculous poses, of which this was one! What a day!!!


F*** you!

A fairly cold day in the Derbyshire Countryside at Shottle Hall was the backdrop to the wedding of Dan & Kate - two beautiful people that were determined no matter what, their day was going to be fun and enjoyable regardless of cold weather.

When England meets Ireland for a good knees up I knew I was in for one great wedding, and I wasn't disappointed - great music, lovely guests and one kick at party!!


Up here!

Another from Shottle Hall in Derbyshire Uk, with Dan & Kate guests from Ireland and England, and a wonderful party spirit and a day of emotion.

Some cold british weather, not much sunshine, lots of smiles, great music, lovely guests and one kick at party!!


My last wedding of 2019 on Dec 30th at Swancar Farm Country House, Nottingham, UK.

Such a cute couple where the bride surprised the groom with an Aston Martin for him to drive to the ceremony and the groom surprised the bride with fireworks! Imagine my 'secret' pre-wedding talks with both of them informing me of the surprises! The bride wanted me to start the day earlier to capture the groom in the car, and the groom asked me to stay later for the firework surprise - it had to be done!!

Military friends, festive deck, fun, and laughter made for an epic day that developed into a fun evening for me as they braved the UK winter chill so I could throw some smoke around, play with some lights and take a few other more creative shots.

What a great wedding to finish in 2019!


Taken during a wedding on a beautiful sunny afternoon at the stunning venue Makeney Hall in Derbyshire, UK. Complete with fun, games and a wonderful hog roast, the wedding of Mr & Mrs Smith was a privilege to capture. I had a lot of fun with the guests who were more than up for a good time - this made my job both pleasurable and easy!


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