Gabor Marton Photography

Palma, Spain

Engagement, Wedding

Gabor's interest in photography began with the age of seven, when he moved with his mother and younger brother to Germany, where they lived in the photo studio of his new step father, who is a master of photography for high end weddings and portraits.He's first camera he got from his mother, a Nikon FM, a passion began and never stopped since then.Gabor was always fascinated by the elegance of his mother, she had the skill to turn everything in beauty, without even thinking.
"WITH A SMILE FROM THE HEART, YOU CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING" this she told him always what he never forgot!
With the age of 25, Gabor decided to be a fashion photographer, he sold everything he had and moved Milano. He started to work as a model, assisted various fashion photographers in Europe,America and Asia.After a few years he stopped Modeling and has worked since then as a photographer in more then 20 countries. Always with the words of his mother in mind“that a smile can change everyting

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