Helen Navajas

Helen Navajas Fine Art

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Engagement, Wedding

30 Awards

I'm a full-time International Wedding Photographer based in a charming town in Noord-Holland called Volendam.

 For the last 5 years, I've had the privilege of documenting adventurous couples, like you! I have proudly won some Wedding Awards and have established a successful way of working, with passion and joy!

I look forward to being your guide, as we join together to create timeless, artistic valuables for you and the people you love.

I speak English, Portuguese, Dutch, and Spanish.


Look at the horizon! So much has passed, so much yet to come...
Under a blue sky, a bride who walks in a path, two lines. For me, the photo has a deep meaning, a silent introspection, a beautiful desire for the unknown.
Marken, The Nederlands - 2016


Rose & Jeroen are two special people who you will be blessed to meet! Two happy hearts! At the horizon a beautiful sun, a kiss and the image which represents a begging of a whole new step in life.


I am honoured when invited to register every unique story and I try to do something new every single time.

Corina and Dave were no exception! I love playing with reflections and its my way to represent how life is just a matter of perspective. It was a beautiful wedding, from their preparation to the end. It was amazing to see their family sharing tears and embracing each other in love. I am blessed with each couple's trust in my work and their willingness to share their stories with me.


What an amazing day with Danielle en Kay at the Castel Schaffellaar (The Nederlands), full of love and emotional tears! A beautiful fairy tale location! I am honored by the opportunity to photograph weddings, able to see their excitement and love for each other.


"No passion is in vain, no love is ever wasted. The energy of love can never be lost - it is more powerful than anything else and shows itself in many ways". Paulo Coelho


Wedding preparation are so dear to me. Specially with such sweet bride! I love the drama and the darkness in contrast with the white dress, and it represents the waiting, a long waiting for this special day.


Sunny day, a beautiful couple and the whole day to celebrate their love!
"The moment we set out in search of love,
Love sets out to meet us - and saves us" - Paulo Coelho


Rahmon en Rosalien are two beautiful people, from inside and out... their love for each other is clear and inspiring, the kind of love you wish everyone will find one day. It was one beautiful day, with warmth and many laughs! I am grateful for all the love it was shared with me!

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