John Septouxas

Jon Photography

Athens, Greece

Engagement, Wedding

12 Awards

Photography for me is a fascinating world, full of realism and emotions. It is a matter of perception and perspective. These are exactly the characteristics that I want to have in every photo from the first moment I dealt in 2013 and then professionally in 2017.
"Every couple has their own identity, preparing to" write "a new story, their own." That's why I always focus on the character, the mood and the connections of these people. When I am asked what is my best and at the same time my favorite photo so far for me, my answer is "The one I have not taken yet…", and this is because I always want to aim at the difference and the opportunity I am given to become each time better at what really interests me.
And this is because the photo at a wedding is an unpredictable and alternating world full of moments that are ready to be captured with each subsequent click. All this in combination with a good mood, nice chemistry and proper communication make me not

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