Kostas Voulgarakis

Lifeclicks Studio

Santorini, Greece

Athens, Greece

Engagement, Wedding

1 Awards

My name is Kostas Voulgarakis. I’m a visual storyteller born and raised in the Cycladic Island of Santorini. I studied video editing back in 2009 and I am a wedding photographer and cinematographer since 2011. On 2017 I felt that being an employee won’t help me fulfill my dream of producing exquisite wedding photos, so I created my own wedding photography team, Lifeclicks Studio.


This one was in Santorini, Greece, at the lighthouse that lights up the southern part of the island's sea.

We were enjoying Anna's & George's After wedding session, and the light was almost gone.
That's when I saw that the lighthouse was surrounded by beautiful sky colors, so we didn't miss the chance.

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