Kouta Miyawaki


Izumo, Japan

Engagement, Wedding, Children, Family

11 Awards

I am a wedding photographer. I work all over Japan.
I usually shoot against the backdrop of Japan's wilderness, but I'm particularly good at shooting under the starry night.
Besides wedding photos, I also make music videos for artists.


The two people getting married were meant to meet.
I would like to convey my greatest blessing to the two people who met by fate.


This location is a waterfall deep in the mountains of Japan.
The amount of water was so great that we could not hear the instructions at all, and it was so powerful that we felt scared.
The rocks on which we were standing were also steep and slippery, and the bride and groom had to work very hard.
Thanks to them, we were able to take some great pictures.


Bride standing on a rock in the forest waiting for her groom.
The moonlight illuminated and shone.
It is one of my very favorites.


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