Maaike Kampert

Studio Kampert

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Engagement, Wedding

My name is Maaike Kampert. I was born in 1990, am married to the sweetest man and proud mother of Eva and Joep. I live in the most beautiful city of the Netherlands: Woudrichem! I am happy of creativity, sweet smells and can spend hours wandering into shops full of must-haves.

If you have lost me, you might find me probably at my computer or with a fineliner behind a sketch book, in which I sketch, draw, design and my creativity is released. That creativity I don't only express in a sketch book, but also in my way of photographing. You'll get at me so not only photos with a beautiful composition and a beautiful interpretation of light. With my pictures I would like to tell a story and that passion I want to show in each picture!

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