Pulkeshin K Tiwary

North Water Star

Bengaluru, India

Engagement, Wedding

1 Awards

My name is Pulkesin K Tiiwary and this is my world.

Pulkesin K Tiiwary is a Bangalore based photographer, and an Airline Pilot for Qatar Airways. He did his Bachelors in Aviation Business Administration and minor in flight operations from an Ivy League University in the States and also along the way discovered an interest in Photography. He fell in love with Photography at Fort Jefferson, a beautiful island surrounded all sides by the North Atlantic Ocean and also a place where Abraham Lincoln’s Assassinator was imprisoned before the fort was converted into a tourism spot.

He draws the inspiration of his art from life in its million shades and flavors. Where time slips through our fingers faster then we can register, he has made it his mission to make moments into memories. He thinks with his camera and shoot with his heart. He takes every project with utmost details and can shoot for long hours to make sure he gets those Perfect Moments.

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