Scott Josuweit

SMJ Photography

York, Pennsylvania

Engagement, Wedding, Maternity

40 Awards

Your wedding photography should be bold, like your love for one another. I refuse to settle for anything less than the absolute best for my clients. I document the wedding day in a creative style that mixes photojournalism and editorial styles together to provide you with those candid emotional moments and grand signature style shots that I'm known for.


The heavens let loose during the reception so I created this shot in the corner of the barn. The couple had a lot of sunflowers incorporated throughout their day so I used a yellow gel to create the bold colors and tell the story of their day a bit more.


I captured this hilarious moment while second shooting for my friend Dan. The crowd had hoisted the groom into the air first and I noticed that they were getting ready to lift the bride up. However, I took notice of where they were going to lift the bride and foresaw this very moment happening.


This was taken at the First National Bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A Godox AD200 with a 1/4 CTO and MagSphere were used to help the bride pop against the background of the bank.

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