Sylwia Ragan

Foto Basnie

Gdańsk, Poland

Kraków, Poland

Engagement, Wedding, Children, Family

1 Awards

Welcome. The Foto Baśnie team is made up of Sylwia Ragan and Andrzej Surowicz. Someone once said that a photographer with an "R" in their name brings good luck. We double this happy fortune ...
Since we deal with photography, we try to ensure that it is not just photos. From the very beginning, we wanted to create stories and stories, to be a catalyst for the process of creating photography. We dreamed that our photographs would not only be beautiful pictures, but also become a portal to the world of your memories and feelings. That they decorate your walls, and in the future become the nucleus of multi-generational galleries in the homes of your children and grandchildren.
We take responsibility for the entire process of creating photography - from getting to know your expectations, through planning and organizing the entire session, its implementation, to the post-production process, which is our most recognizable showcase. Each of your sessions, each Reportage is a different and emotional experience for us, extremely important and responsible, because we are aware that we keep your most precious memories forever.

A handful of facts:
We take pictures with two cameras, from different perspectives and two different lenses. This guarantees you a variety of frames caught at the same time. The male and female gaze at the same shots is also important.
Our method of processing is characterized by an individual approach to each photo. All our photos are of warm tones and are characterized by a beautiful and, above all, natural color. They're full of light and true emotions.