Torri Koppenaal

Black Raven Imagery, llc

Newton, Kansas

Engagement, Wedding

I have been photographing weddings specifically since 2005 & shot over 1000 weddings so far. I am a wife and a mom of three daughters (pray for me).

Fun facts about me: I actually went to school for Zoology and have an AS degree. We have 10 animals, all of them in our house. As a child I would babysit to earn money and support my film habits, I went to school for photography at age 32, and have not looked back since!

Im constantly changing my hair color. I have numerous tattoos and will be acquiring more. My favorite word is the "F" word - its super versatile! Skulls are my thing. I talk a lot when I am nervous. I am addicted to coffee and a bit of a snob about it. - its always HOT coffee! I love a great IPA and a nice dry red wine. Our family is crazy, loud and super loving.