Veronica Yankowski

VeroLuce Photography

Newark, Delaware

Engagement, Wedding

24 Awards

As an award-winning photographer,‭ ‬Veronica L Yankowski knows how to tell a story in a single frame.‭ ‬In‭ ‬2005 she left the newspaper industry after 11 years and applied her dramatic documentary style to portraiture,‭ ‬which opened new creative possibilities for her work.‭ ‬She named her company VeroLuce Photography.‭ “‬Vero‭” –‬a play on her name‭ –‬is the Latin word for truth,‭ ‬as is‭ “L‬uce‭” ‬for light.‭ ‬She photographs her subjects in the best light possible,‭ ‬all the while capturing their true personality and creating portraits that are often described as‭ “‬soulful.‭”