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Hannah Betts

Studio: Hannah Betts Photography

Norwich (United Kingdom)

Wedding and lifestyle photography based in Suffolk, England in a town called Lowestoft! Nearest city is Norwich, Norfolk.

I Started wedding photography in 2013 alongside studying to be a Primary School Teacher. As of 2016 I have left my job as a teacher to pursue photography full time for a while! I love this job. It's so rewarding to capture genuine and precious moments!

I travel to other destinations also!

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This photo was taken during a lovely English summer sunset earlier this year. Layla and Ben Whisker were an absolute delight to photograph and their wedding was super fun! I really enjoy the editing process that goes into shoots like these. Transforming a simple photograph into a piece of art is so satisfying!

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Hannah Betts About

This shot was taken at the beautiful wedding of Layla and Ben in Suffolk,UK. This gorgeous woman is one of Layla's bridesmaids Lucy. It was a very calm morning and Layla had arranged for all the bridesmaids to wear these beautiful head dresses. So much colour and beauty in this wedding! I love mirror's for shots like these, I'm not even sure Lucy knew I took it!

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Hannah Betts About

The bride and her squad...!What fun we had! The bride featured is the beautiful Alex Barrett. The wedding of Alex and Ross was fantastic! I had so much fun and I still use the photos regularly! The grounds of Hales Hall in Norfolk (England) were stunning and I took THOUSANDS of photos... Literally! In this photo I just asked the girls to walk towards me looking natural... They decided to strut and if photographs had sound effects you would want to join the party!

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Hannah Betts About

This photo was taken in the plantation gardens in Norwich, Norfolk in the UK! Such a beautiful location. Katy and Kurt Grimmette had a lovely ceremony followed by a walk through these gardens with plenty of photo opportunities. I love the happiness and love that shines through this photo and the added bonus of the sun streaks just made it even more special! I loved every second of this shoot and the newlyweds were so natural to capture. Sometimes the sun can be a photographers worst nightmare but it can also be an extremely creative and helpful assistant. Nothing makes me happier than working together with nature and this photograph demonstrates what I love about the art of photography.

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