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Kelli Wilke

Studio: Kelli Wilke Photography

Wyoming (United States)

Kelli is a dually based photographer sharing her time between Wilmington, Delaware and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Kelli's passion for photographer expands over two decades with 2020 marking her 25th year in business. Kelli is a commercial and editorial trained photographer with over 100 magazine covers and has shot for clients like Delta Sky Magazine, Circa Lighting, and Philips Electronics. Kelli's background in commercial photography gives her a unique perspective on wedding photography. The combination of being an architectural photographer, food photographer, fashion photographer and portrait photographer provides a combination of talents, understanding both natural and artificial light resulting in a unique, artistic result. Kelli lives with her husband and three boys, she's an avid skier, windsurfer and loves to travel.

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Kelli Wilke About

I was profoundly moved by this moment. The joy and sadness were intertwined. I have always said that when I stop feeling something at weddings I should stop doing them. Although I often feel love and joy, today the reality of what COVID has done to brides, grooms, graduates, and more hit me like a brick. This sweet couple opted to have their ceremony as planned with close family and push their reception to fall. The thoughtful groom surprised his new bride by having their friends come to be outside as they exited the church. The tears of happiness were palatable. I was glad I had a mask on to hide my own tears, such a beautiful moment, and the realization of how the little things now seem more treasured.

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Kelli Wilke About

Photographed on a bride using a drone, I had visualized this photo months and months prior to actually shooting the image. The bridge is located outside the gym I work out at which is also a country club that hosts weddings. I've been waiting for the right couple who would be agreeable to trying this out. We placed towels under the bride's dress (which I later touched up in photoshop) and got the image. I love the drama and perspective we get from this photo.

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Kelli Wilke About

I love to show emotion in my images. It signifies the chaos of a wedding yet the couple is in their own world, or their own moment. For this image I had the couple kiss and the wedding party move in a circle. I do this type of image often and find around a 1/4 shutter drag is typically about right. It doesn't always work the way I want but when I do, I love the outcome. I decided to crop the couple off-center in this one which is not typical for me but I love that It has a bit of a search and find feel to it.

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