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Lee Allison

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I'm a wedding photographer based in Cambridge, UK but cover all over the UK and beyond. My style is very documentary and I love capturing natural moments.

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This was taken at South Farm in Cambridgeshire of two of my close friends Laura and Dan. I had shot at the venue before but in a completely different season so on my return with the trees looking spectacular along the entrance I had this shot in mind. I also got lucky with a bit of rain which I feel adds to the shot.

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This shot was taken at Chippenham park. I noticed earlier in the day that the house had lights outside and therefore would be lit up. I was lucky to also get a dramatic sky which I think adds to the overall shot.

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I have shot at Burloes Hall before so knew I wanted to do a night shot. Unfortunately the building is not lit so I had to light it myself by using two flashes to light the building and one to light the couple from behind.

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I had shot here at Anstey Hall before so I had a shot in mind for when it was dark. However there were some unexpected cars parked outside so I had to rethink the composition of the shot but I am really happy with the result. No flash was used just the natural light from the lamps.

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I had noticed this spot earlier in the day as a potential photo opportunity however the floor lights were not lit. It was only when I popped outside after Gemma and John's first dance I noticed that the lights were on. I quickly went and grabbed a flash and explained to Gemma and John of the photo opportunity I had in mind. Luckily they put there trust in me and were up for it and I'm so glad they did. They now have a large print of this in there home.

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