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Maria Alafouzou

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Athens (Greece)
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Germany - Greece 1-0 really won the love wins them all a big thank you to this beautiful couple who traveled me to the beautiful Zakynthos.
Efi & Christian

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This beautiful couple who came out first in the championship of love to march through life that took me to the beautiful lake of roller coaster in the heart of Greece and I captured this beautiful picture.
Stratos & Klaoudia <3

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This beautiful story of this couple Dimitris and Karolina a beautiful and young couple who took me to beautiful Monemvasia in the law of Laconia in Greece that we all love.
I wish their love and their lives were as beautiful as their photography.
Thank you for the beautiful memories you gave me.

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This couple, Kyriakos & Katerina, made their wedding in the Saronic Agkistri at a beautiful Cycladic island in Greece. It was a very nice place to go and everything was great.

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Kostas & Katerina Naxos
This beautiful couple what to say a lovely couple make their first child. the wedding took place in the holy procopy in the most beautiful Cycladic island on the island of Naxos.

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Τhe couple of the Hellenic Air Force is both the superiors. This photograph is pulled into the Corinthian islet on the Peloponnese.
The Isthmus of Corinth is a narrow strip of land that unites Central Greece with the Peloponnese, while the canal that has been opened to it joins the Saronic Gulf with the Corinthian Gulf. It is about 6 km long and the narrowest point is where the Corinth canal was built (1880-1893). It was a strategic point and for that reason a wall was built already in the ancient times (late 5th century BC), which had been preserved even to the Byzantines (Examilion).

The islet of Corinth was known in the ancient world as the landmark that separated the Peloponnese from the rest of mainland Greece. In the 1st century AD geographer Strabo pointed out a column in the isthmus of Corinth, which brought two inscriptions. One to the East, Megara of Attica, which said: "The Peloponnese, the other one" and the other towards the West, ie the Peloponnese: "in the Peloponnese, Oikon". Plutarch handed down the construction of this column to the hero of Attica Theseus on his way to Athens.

From 1893 onwards, the Corinth Canal, which in fact makes the Peloponnese Island, has been opened to the 6.3 km wide isthmus. Today, two road, two railway and two sinking bridges at both ends of the canal connect the mainland of the isthmus with that of the Peloponnese. At the western end of the Canal there is also a military emergency bridge.
There is a great fight and a great love of Constantine and the Basil.

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This marriage took place in Athens, the couple is a shy couple who fools them and eventually did not understand until the day of the marriage will reach so much rice over them. Rice is a Greek wedding day to ride together for a lifetime and have a happy life.

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