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Jose Saenz

Studio: Saenz Photo

Panamá (Panama)

I'm an International Wedding Photographer based in Panama. We believe in love and enjoy to capture candid moments in every wedding we photograph.

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Many times, photos like this have to be made to happen. We suggest to Sasha and her bridesmaids that at the moment of opening the bottle shaken it strong enough to achieve a splash, at the end no hairstyle was affected in the shot, thank you Sasha and her bridesmaids for trust in our vision and creativity.

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Jose Saenz About

Claudia is a bride who loves nature and likes everything different, she held her wedding at the "Casa de Lourdes, El Valle de Anton", a beautiful place that has a romantic atmosphere. We did a scouting of possible shots that we could make; to get to her room I realized this excellent angle for a magnificent picture. Minutes before leaving the room to ceremony I suggested her a classic pose, which she managed to give her touch with such natural style.

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Jose Saenz About

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Jose Saenz About

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Jose Saenz About

One of the first details that I knew about Angie was the importance to her family. At the time of this photograph I asked the girls to remember their good and bad moments like sisters. They could not stop laughing and telling their stories.
It was a great time that allowed me to capture the essence of their relationship as sisters.

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