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Spencer Wynn

Studio: Wynn Photo

Toronto (Canada)

As an award winning visual journalist, my strong background in visual journalism has given me a unique perspective for creating visual narratives with compelling stories. This style is natural, unscripted, honest and timeless.

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Spencer Wynn About

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Spencer Wynn About

After the reveal, the newlywed couple pause on the steps of Hart House for a quick kiss in Toronto. This was a lovely small wedding in a beautiful location.

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Spencer Wynn About

A fun moment with the bride and her best friends. While the fellows were being photographed in the distance, the gardener, who had left his broom nearby, unwittingly left us a great prop with which to satirize Kristin's first official domestic chore!

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Spencer Wynn About

Looking in on Kristin and Julian at Hart House, the historic student activity centre, part of the University of Toronto. Catering staff were kind enough to vacate this small alcove for a few minutes so that we could make this lovely image of the newly married couple!

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