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Pedro Volana

Studio: Volana Fotografía

Jaén (Spain)

I´m Pedro, wedding Photographer. For me it's a privilege to photograph couples, tell their stories, feelings, emotions and complicity in an image. My photography is a collection of sublime, unique and ephemeral moments that have the beauty and power to capture and eternalize those situations in which two souls come together

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The incredible moment when the bride was going to cut the cake, but a friend took it off, and the bride had to fight to retrieve the flying cake.

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Durante la fiesta les pedí a los novios que me dieran unos minutos para hacer una foto creativa, me los concedieron, monté un esquema de iluminación y jugué con un prisma, el resultado fue genial!!!

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He loved her, of course, but better than that, he chose her, day after day. Choice: that was the thing...Where there is love there is life

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And suddenly they decided to take a big leap towards happiness ... because there is nothing better than living life with a smile

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The celebration ended and it started raining petals and rice !! tons of rice! The couple will never forget the beginning of this new stage in their lives, and surely they will not eat rice in a long time!!

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In this pre-wedding, there were magical moments, full of romance, in a spectacular place where the light caressed the sea giving it life. A unique memory of an unforgettable session

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