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Alex Adams

Studio: Alex Adams Photography

Cambridge (United Kingdom)

To be honest I'm not great at talking about myself - I cringe a little bit inside at the thought of writing "About Me's". I'd much rather let my couples say it for me, so:

'...His quiet encouragement on the day itself helped give me the confidence to relax and just have fun with it. From the start, he really listened to what was important to us and then managed to translate it into memories that will last us for a life time. The photo's Alex took are incredible and I absolutely love them.'
-Ed & Susan

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Alex Adams About

This is my good friend Elizabeth whose wedding I photographed in Liverpool last month. The photo is particularly poignant as a couple of years ago she lost her hair as a result of chemotherapy, so having come through months of wigs and regrowth it was amazing to see her bridesmaids fit her veil into her own hair!

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