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Andrea Verenini

Studio: Andrea Verenini Photography

Portsmouth (United Kingdom)

Hi! My name is Andrea. I am an Italian photographer based in the UK, but working worldwide. I specialise in weddings, elopements and micro weddings with soul and a twist of fashion. I love to travel and shooting all over the world.

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Andrea Verenini About

This photograph was taken in the breathtakingly beautiful Somerley House (UK), specifically in its majestic private art gallery hall. The way the natural light flowed into the space diffused by the large westerly windows and by the unique frosted panels in the ceiling inspired me to create a bridal portrait in motion fit for the room it is in. In my photographs, I am always interested in playing with the extremes of shadows and light much like in an oil painting by Rembrandt. This location inspired me to push these games to the limit and try to capture the feeling of this magical place through the power light and shadow have in setting the mood.

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Andrea Verenini About

This photograph was taken during an elopement session in the Dolomites (Trentino, Italy). It was shot in natural light as close to the water as we could get, squeezed between the rocks. I love the way the softness and fluidity of the waterfall are mirrored in the bride's dress flowing in the wind, and equally how the dark imposing rock face in the background is mirrored by the grooms' strong stance and appearance.

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Andrea Verenini About

I shot this photograph on the grounds of Port Lympne Hotel (Kent, UK): a unique country manor with a history of hosting prestigious guests which include the legendary Colonel T.E. Lawrence (better known to some as Lawrence of Arabia) and Sir Winston Churchill. The photograph catches the newlyweds standing under an ancient horse-chestnut tree in the grounds of the manor, enjoying a moment of quiet calm away from their guests just a few minutes after they have made their wedding vows to one another.

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