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Andre Reichmann

Studio: Andre Reichmann Photography

top 302016 New York (United States)

Andre is an award winning professional wedding and travel photographer based in New York with over 40 years of experience.

Winner of the two Wedisson Collection Best Wedding Photography 2016 Awards and two Wedaward International Wedding Photography 2016 Awards.

In January of 2011 Andre received top honors by winning the Jay Colton Award for
Best Participant Portfolio at the Fotofusion event hosted by the Palm Beach Photographic Center.

Andre has been featured in PDN as well as other magazines.

Andre's fine art photography book Images of Solitude was published in 1992 by Spectrum America.

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Andre Reichmann About

The bride and groom danced by this soft spotlight, and I couldn't see it any other way but in black and white. The final image reflects the soft mood of this moment.

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Andre Reichmann About

One of those moments where you just can't put your camera down. It was gone in an instant, but immortalized forever in this shot. This bride was a pleasure to work with, and this moment was one of many fantastic ones throughout the day.

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Andre Reichmann About

This beautiful beach had an excellent scenic view. The couple was eager to go there and enjoy the peaceful sounds of the water, and I was eager to capture this intimate moment

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Andre Reichmann About

Perfect bride, elegant staircase, and a truly breathtaking wedding

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Andre Reichmann About

Sometimes, the venue and decor lend themselves to creating a beautiful shot. This time, just a touch of light, and a touch of dark, were all I needed to create this stunning and one-of-a-kind silhouette. One word for this kind of shot: fabulous.

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Andre Reichmann About

This beach-side hotel was a bit different for a wedding venue, and I wanted to try a different look for this bridal portrait. The color really 'pops' in this one. And with just the right light, and the perfect look, this shot is one of many highlights from a great shoot.

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Andre Reichmann About

We always like to start with just a touch of light. For this shot, we knew we had to go for something sublime to play off of the hair, bouquet, and gown​. After we got our light just so, all we had to do was compose it. The end result is something we really treasure.

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Andre Reichmann About

Sometimes I ask a couple to pose and they surprise me by doing something completely different. This time, we ended up with the cutest silhouette I've ever shot. It was one of those "I wish I had a camera" moments. And lucky for me, I always have a camera.

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Andre Reichmann About

Every wedding is different, and sometimes a bride strikes the perfect pose with the perfect lighting. This was just a phenomenal shoot.

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