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Antonio Lomasto

Studio: TTATTA

Napoli (Italy)

Antonio was born in Naples in 1990, as the son and the grandson of photographes. Indeed, the family’s tradition and passion of photographic started in the years of 1960, when his grandfather, also named Antonio, bought his first Rolleiflex. His first contacts with photographie go back to childhood and the family studio. He started his first experiences of remplacing films and making « portraits » for the clients. Then, as a teenager and during the summer holidays, he became his father’s assistant and worked as a photographe at the neapolitain wedding ceremonies.
Today, these experiences make as well his work then his passion.
Several professionnel photographic courses allowed him to develop his digital technique. Instead, his passion for analogue films was awaked in some other courses. Guided by these passion, he came close to the new neapolitain artistic backround, to finaly make part of them. At the ex Asilo Filangieri, this place of great influence, he developped some new tools,

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Antonio Lomasto About

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Antonio Lomasto About

They were a strange couple, he was forgetful while she was well-adjusted. She was the pillar which keep his feet on the ground.
I meet them in Sorrento on the 14th of April 2017.

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