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Eduardo Quintero

Studio: Black Hat Studio

Cancún (Mexico)

Black Hat Studio is a collective of two (not so young anymore) plastic artists and destination photographers that decided to take a go at wedding photography with the simple goal of turning wedding photos into art.

Your wedding images should take you down "memory lane" making you remember all the nervousness, excitement, happiness, business, craziness and warm fuzzy feeling of that special day.

We provide photography and cinematography service in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco or wherever your destination wedding takes us.

Shot us an email or call us direct at +52 1 55 39 93 56 99 and lets talk about your big day.

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Eduardo Quintero About

Talk about saving the best for last. This was the last picture we got of our lucky couple on their wedding day. I got excited when I saw this cool night lights that serve as sort of tunnel and just had to get this shot. Although this meant taking them out of the wedding party for a couple of minutes but luckily they were gracious enough and loved the end result.

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Eduardo Quintero About

This was a fun one. These guys actually got married in China but wanted to do some sort of wedding session while in Mexico so we rented a boat and went out to Isla Mujeres for the day. The boat had this sort of bouncy net where the groom kept on playing so we decided to take something out of it. The bride was so nervous watching him jump around the boat just inches from the edge but after a couple of jumps we finally got the right one. He couldn't have done a better pose, it really looks like he is flying through the air over to her, kind of like a superhero haha.

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Eduardo Quintero About

We were having a blast during this guy's session. I asked them to stand on top of the bench when they suddenly decided to jump. It really captured the excitement they had all through the day's events. Thanks for this awesome shot guys.

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Eduardo Quintero About

The couple in this image are close friends of mine, we had the opportunity to shot some pictures in her grandmother's house which has been in the family for generations. It was fun seeing her remember her childhood while we worked throughout the house. This was her favorite spot in the house because she remembered watching here the whole family together enjoying a good meal and better company.

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Eduardo Quintero About

This is one of those images I just saw in my head the second we passed though this hall on our way to the reception. The wedding was in a beautiful hacienda outside Mexico City so as you can imagine there were lots of locations to choose from. This hall was used as the kitchen entrance so there was a lot of movement and a couple tables and chairs just thrown there but the lighting just popped when I saw it. I was lucky to convince the couple to let me work on this last shot which wasn't easy since we where already running late. But 5 minutes later we came up with this image which ended decorating there new living room in a massive 3-4 feet long print.

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Eduardo Quintero About

Wow, this wedding was fun an intense. Once we were ready to get some shots around the hotel rain started pouring down but luckily these guys wouldn't let this get in the way. We started getting some simple shots in the groom's room and found a way to work in some of the greenery into the image. Great images always demand a willing couple and these guys made it easy.

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Eduardo Quintero About

This image took 3 weddings in the making. I was shooting a lot at Sandos Caracol at the time and always loved the lighting at the restaurant but never actually got the chance to try this as it was usually packed with people. We had finished a couple of portraits a couple of minutes before and on our way to the reception and I just knew I had to try it one more time. But this time I would go all in. I actually told a family of 8 that were having dinner just in front of where the couple is standing to get out of the way and they ended up helping me to move the table out of the way hahaha. They were so excited and helpful that I just had to show them the finished image. It's one of my favorite images and probably the one that inspired me to keep trusting my gut.

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