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Erin Donner

Studio: Nick & Erin Photography

Washington, D.C. (United States)

My husband Nick and I work together in Washington DC and beyond. We love off camera lighting, travel, adventure, and love! We work hard to create a unique portrait for every session or event and our favorite place to photograph is Hawaii!

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It was the end of the night and we knew Erin and Stuart were making an exit from gorgeous Oatlands Historic House and Gardens in style. They had a Great Gatsby car pick them up at the end of a line of guests blowing bubbles. I wanted to create a special image that captured their intimacy and this incredible classic car, so I lit the cabin space and the side of the car in preparation and waited for the perfect moment.

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Josh and Alanna had access to Riggs library at Georgetown University and we were thrilled to take some of their wedding portraits in this beautiful historic library. The architecture of the building is breathtaking and we really wanted to make the couple a part of this work of art.

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Before celebrating their big day at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington, DC, Ariel and Patrick wanted to take some photos on Capitol Hill. We were able to get some photos on the Speaker's Balcony overlooking the National Mall--and an incredible view of the city! We love how this photo captures one of their more intimate moments of the day.

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Rachel and Taylor celebrated their wedding day at the Hotel Monaco in DC, which boasts this incredible spiral staircase. We envisioned this beautiful photo when we stared down from the 4th floor balcony, but it required the couple to lie down on the ground (including newly styled wedding hair) in their wedding attire! This was one of the first photos they took after getting ready, and we were floored that they were so willing to take this risk! Nick photographed from the top and I posed and lit them on the lower level, so we had some logistical challenges to overcome as well. Thankfully we were able to capture the vision and we have no doubt that their fun spirits and openness will make a successful marriage.

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We were photographing a wedding in Sedona, Arizona and wanted to push ourselves to try something completely new and creative that would capture the incredible Sedona views. We loved the classic red rock photos, but the "starry night" concept was by far our favorite. It took some planning and a very willing and patient couple on a cold night! We love how this image captured the romantic, intimate evening Alissa and Tom shared with their family and friends.

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