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Henna Koponen

Studio: Henna Koponen

Helsinki (Finland)

My photography is all about carefully combining different art elements to create memorable and unique images for you! I am obsessed with light, shadow, depth of field, texture, space, movement, composition and rhythm.

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Henna Koponen About

Misty sunset in beautiful Saaremaa Island in Estonia.
During the wedding party, we took a little 10-minute break to sneak outside the venue to the nearby field. There was no wind and the entire field was covered in mist. The last golden rays of the day cast upon us and it felt like time stood still.

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Henna Koponen About

I'm a sucker for dark and moody images. This photo was created during the blue hour in the middle of the wedding reception. We ran to the nearby golf course, the grass was wet and the couple barefoot. The sun had already set and we had this magical and mystical light around us. My assistant (aka best man) light up some smoke bombs as the couple started to dance in the middle of the field. It was a magical moment and only lasted for a couple of minutes, but oh so memorable!

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Henna Koponen About

It was a late September evening on a Suomenlinna Fortress Island in Helsinki, Finland. The sky showed it's magical rays of the evening sun and suddenly changed to the most creative play of clouds.
In my photography, I love to challenge myself with unique compositions combined with intimate emotions. My couples are often physically separated in my images as I love to create narrative, and interaction between them. I'm a sucker for strong emotions which can be conveyed with the collaboration of well-thought composition.

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