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Iakovos Strikis

Studio: Fotomoments4u

Aigáleo (Greece)
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Iakovos Strikis About

When light gives you magical scenery, you have to take the shoot, then it becomes the couples favourite picture and also an award.

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Iakovos Strikis About

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Iakovos Strikis About

What is "Beauty"?
And also what is simple, or timeless?
What is love?

Through my pictures, I always love to try and answer all those questions.

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Iakovos Strikis About

Just walking around and playing with light untill the moment comes is my favourite time of the day, but what is more important than light or framming or posing is what the feeling that you capture is...

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Iakovos Strikis About

What is the story that every picture tells?

A couple, with a lighthouse and the sunset all together?

Yes, as the Sun is setting below the horizon, darkness comes, but in a couple's life, there is a lighthouse, their love for each other, that is what gives light to the darkness.

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Iakovos Strikis About

Symmetry in life is everything you need, Yin & Yian...
Like everything else in our life, having great moments to share and remember is great, cause memories are the last thing that goes away.

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Iakovos Strikis About

What a woman would be without her friends and mostly her Family...

These are the people who make us who we are and sculpt our character through the times.
Without them we would not be in existence, that is how important is to have people that care about you.

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Iakovos Strikis About

Play with light ...
Enjoy the moment ...
Wait for it ...
And then "Klik" ...
And all the passion, the knowledge, the expression come together in this moment of "Forever"

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Iakovos Strikis About

In a wedding, there are always "More than meets the eye" scenes, like this one.
Those parallel stories give us a unique view of the wedding, a view that nobody has on that day, nobody else except the photographer. This is our job, this is my job, to tell the story ...

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