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Jennifer Green

Studio: Jennifer Green Photography

Allentown (United States)

My philosophy is simple: It’s Your Day!

I truly believe in capturing the day, and the moments, as they happen. I would say that my style is a calculated combination of candid/photojournalism and artistic portraits. I want my clients to look back and feel the same emotions ten years in the future that they felt that day. I believe in a unique approach to wedding photography to create unique and lasting images.

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Chrissy and Robert's wedding was the picture-perfect day. Rain threatened the whole time and a nice strong storm blew through as we traveled from their gorgeous church to the stunning reception venue, but the storm rolled out and left us with the most divine light. The couple was really hoping for a sunset shot, but the threatening skies not only gave us color but some wickedly awesome clouds.

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Colleen and Joe had a picture-perfect May wedding. While the couple wanted gorgeous sunset photos, the day didn't look to be shaping up with much color or light for sunset. Right, when it looked like it might not happen, the sky broke through and we got the most inspiring light.

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Abbey and Garrett's private elopement was set to happen right as one of the most severe thunderstorms possible rolled it. Thunder, lightning, and hail came down while we waited it out. When it cleared, the sky was absolutely radiant and the sunlight hazy and Abbey and Garrett finally got t say "I do".

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Hope and Josh had a warm November wedding. This image was the last image of the night as the party wound down and everyone said goodbye, the couple wanted to have a moment to celebrate the excitement alone.

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