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Ksenia Sachewsky

Studio: KS Studios

Toronto (Canada)

I strive to create images that are not only timeless but that also capture the essence of my subjects. I believe that my options of creativity are endless and there is nothing that will stop me from getting the shot. I am constantly looking for a different or unique angle to get an image that is not only technically creative but that will also make the viewer wonder where and how it was created. With over 10 years of experience, I have learned that the best way to capture a moment is by connecting with your subject. Using this knowledge, I have created a business that not only focuses on creating beautiful imagery but also on getting to know my clients to ensure that their true personality comes through in every photograph. My goal is to capture their vision in a way that they would have never thought possible.

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Ksenia Sachewsky About

It was drizzling the whole day and when it started to pour for a moment, we took some shelter in a barn on the property we were on. I turned around an saw these two in the most perfect moment - simply a picture begging to be taken!

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Ksenia Sachewsky About

It was a cloudy day and the rain kept coming in little showers, on and off. Patricia and Nav stayed positive throughout their portraits despite the gloomy day. As I was positioning them for the shot, we saw two swans swimming in the lake and Patricia said, "It would be so cool if they were in the photo!". It was almost as if someone up there heard her say that because as I was lining up my shot, the two swans swam over and started twisting their necks together in a little love dance. It was simply picture perfect!

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Ksenia Sachewsky About

Susan & Craig had an intimate wedding day that was filled with so much love and joy. Despite some drops of rain after the ceremony, they had a gorgeous sunset to finish the night off!

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