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Lyndah Wells

Studio: Lyndah Wells Photography

Nassau (Bahamas)

With her upbeat personality, Lyndah Wells is a mother of 2 energetic girls and married to the love of her life, Doug.
Her motto, F*ck It! Do it Anyway! Has pretty much led her through this thing called life and to the joy she wakes up to almost everyday doing what she loves as an award winning and internationally published wedding photographer in the beautiful islands of the Bahamas, except when the kids insist on waking up at 5am on a weekend that she hasn't got a wedding booked. Listed in the top 5 Bahamas wedding photographers and one of the best in the Caribbean.
Her approach to life is visible in the bold, colorful and emotive images she makes for her clients.

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Lyndah Wells About

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Lyndah Wells About

I had fallen in love with this waterfall fall feature at a resort here in The Bahamas for quite some time and was waiting for the ideal opportunity to make this photo. When Norrie & Rasheeda were returning to the hotel for their wedding reception, I asked them to trust me and go with the flow. What you don't see are the taxis and cars swerving around us as we stood where the cars arrive at the resort. But an extra unexpected bonus where the shadows of the palms trees framing them as we were shooting in the hot midday sun!

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Lyndah Wells About

Casey & Kirstin's intimate destination wedding on a private Island in the Bahamas, Kamalame Cay, was emotional. As I stepped in water to get a wide shot I noticed that the prism I used refracted the surf washing up on my feet. It seemed so appropriate as this was their dream, to be married on the beach. I love the photo and feel it ties their story together and this moment perfectly.

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