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Atul Baikar

Studio: Moirai Weddings

Mumbai (India)

Moirai Weddings was born out of passion, vigour and skill and it is exactly these three qualities that set us apart. A team of innovative and zealous professional photographers who are passionate about their art and strive for novelty and excellence. Candid is our forte and we endeavour to capture the spontaneity around us inspired by the people, emotions, colours and mood.

We write stories through our photographs and help you reminisce the moments through time. We handle various types of assignments like Family Portraits, Weddings, and Pre-Wedding Shoots.

With the best of industry standards in equipment and technology, Moirai Weddings has made all those very happy, who hired their services for their various photography requirements.

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Atul Baikar About

Although we were done for the day, our curiosity about this new place was not yet satiated. Sun went down and the surroundings started lighting up in the most mesmerizing manner. There’s a certain charm in the night photoshoot. Suddenly, I found this perfect frame, and I couldn’t resist but asked our couple for one more pose. And here it is! Thank you Wedaward for this one.

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Atul Baikar About

This is one of our classic shots. We started their pre-wedding session with Palolem beach and ended on this isolated beach in Goa. There was nobody else but us. The shoot was fun and effortless with these two.

After the whole day of the shoot, watching the sunset at the horizon is all you need to calm your mind! But when it’s coupled with slow dances and giggles, it just makes your day. It was an unbelievable sunset with these two. The romantic evening, red gown, both of them gazing into each others’ eyes, grooving to the soft tune which only they can listen to and the ocean waves crashing on the rocks at the beach made the perfect background to capture this moment.
Whenever I look at this photo, it reminds me of the peace and serenity of that moment. Thank you Wedaward for this!

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Atul Baikar About

This was taken during a couple sessions at the Gateway of India, Mumbai. Basically we love the whole set up of this image like the dreamy sea in the background which has its own symphony, perfect golden hour, cloudless blue sky, yellow taxi with empty seats and then these two romancing inside the frame like no one’s watching. And yes, her yellow dress couldn’t have complimented more!

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