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Nicolas Fanny

Studio: Nicolas Fanny

Port Louis (Mauritius)

Hello, I'm Nicolas, 32 and I live in Mauritius. Being a multidisciplinary artist, I live out my passions. Music scoring, photography and film making. For the past 12 years, I have been mainly a wedding/portrait photographer and a film director. Being extremely curious by nature, I love taking new challenges where I am able to discover, learn and experiment new things.

My friends best describes me as funny, kindhearted, always make easy contact, caring, philanthropist, true and hard worker.

If all this sounds too perfect, rest assure, my best did say one day: "You are perfect with nice little flaws"
When I am not behind the cameras, I love spending time with my family specially my wife and fast growing baby boy who is nearly 1 year old.

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Nicolas Fanny About

This is one of my favourites. It reminds me so much the privilege of being a photographer and be able to capture and share emotions. This daddy is so proud of her daughter getting married. It has been raining all the week through and on this day, we had a bright and beautiful sunny day. Her mom looking on her from above is surely dancing with the angels and is so proud of her.

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Nicolas Fanny About

Shooting rings are often a sort of monotony. You find them at each wedding even though they are different. The challenge is to be able to have different compositions and ideas to bring to life this object which symbolizes lifetime commitment.

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Nicolas Fanny About

"Let love light up the dark". Les palétuviers, a beautiful place in the North of Mauritius turns into a dark lifeless place at night. This lovely couple challenged me to bring life and emotions to this place. Finally, with their help, I managed to bring life and emotion. The final touch, the cherry on the cake, was all the love they put in making this photo an award-winning one.

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