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Keegan and Rachel didn't get a beautiful, sun filled day for their wedding but they did still get some beautiful photos thanks to the Hilton hotel in downtown Columbus, Ohio. This was the location for their first look before their ceremony and when we were at the top of this stair case I knew I had to send them down to the bottom for this shot!

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Nicole Akers About

This photo was taken at the Columbus Ohio Ice Hause, which is where the Blue Jackets practice! Sarah and Jeff both worked there and it is also where they met, so it was the perfect location for wedding photos! The wedding took place in August which meant super hot, so it was like a dream come true to get to go inside and cool off!

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This wedding took place at an old equestrian center. There were so many unique spots to take photos! Thankfully this couple was photogenic and loved taking photos! We snuck away from the party and turned the lights out down this long hallway of horse stalls to capture this beautiful image.

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