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Joy Smith

Studio: Mrs.

Key Largo (United States)

Joy Webb Smith is a native of South Florida and has spent most of her life as a resident of the glorious Florida Keys. Surrounded by an awe inspiring creation, Joy developed her passion for capturing exquisite visions of timeless beauty first as a destination photographer and then in destination wedding photography. Joy now specializes in fine art and destination wedding photography, as well family portraits.

In addition to her work in the United States, Joy has been shooting internationally in London, New York City, Istanbul, Madrid, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Lisbon.

Joy’s inspiration is to capture love in all of its brilliance whether that be through soft expression, quiet gazes, deep hues or brilliant color. Using light and unique angles, Joy has a gift of capturing exquisitely those moments you want to cherish forever.

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lost my heart to this handsome ring bearer at hawk's cay resort on duck key, florida. have a sneaking suspicion i'm not the only heart he stole that day!

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Every groom and his guys seem to have their unique ritual in preparing to walk down that aisle. These guys didn't stress it too much. Plenty of time.
Made me promise not to tell his bride this is how I found them until she saw the photos. Love these guys.

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"I only have eyes for you."
Love this shot of our gorgeous bride so at ease, happy and confident at the altar with the love of her life.
The gorgeous day in the fabulous Florida Keys was a perfect backdrop for the brilliance of this couple's love shared with an intimate gathering of close family and friends.

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The joy of capturing sweet, candid moments like this one is exactly why I have a passion for wedding photographer.
The fact that George and Kimberly may be one of the most loving and and kindest couples I've had the privilege of shooting makes this shot even more special. Their son joined them down the aisle with a heart banner which you can almost see that reads, "Daddy, here comes Mommy!". And, that little guy journeyed the whole way down that long beach aisle with a huge smile.
So happy for this family that their photo has been selected for this collection. Another beautiful reminder of an even more exquisite day.

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This picture is so special to me. As a young woman, Jess volunteered at her church to be a sign language translator for the hearing impaired just because she heard there was a need. Her and her future maid of honor took up the challenge to learn sign language and served at church services and events. While volunteering as a translator at an event in Miami, one gentle, kind, charming, funny handsome young man in attendance asked Jess if he could sit in the empty seat beside her. That man was Charli. Charli is deaf. Charli states he knew from the first second Jess started signing in front of the crowd that he'd found someone special whom he wanted to love. On June 9th 2018, Jess and Charli recited their vows in front of a collection of hearing and deaf family and friends. This was taken mere moments after on the steps of the church. I love this couple.

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This candid shot of Nickii and Sam is one of my favorites from their wedding day. After formal portraits they remained holding hands, stood and absorbed the splendor of the Atlantic Ocean and Islamorada horizon before turning and heading into their wedding reception. I love this capture of Nickkii and Sam launching into life together, a life filled with beauty and love.

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In Matt and Kelsey's journey to forever the sun, sea and surf play their harmonious parts in knitting together these two hearts. This photo capturing a moment of intimacy on their wedding day is a fitting tribute to the love they share for each other, as well as their adoration of the vast ocean which brought them together.

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"...and I'm going to spend each day of the rest of my life loving you" Dan said earlier on this wedding day. This shot captures how especially fun each day of the rest of Dan and Lauren's lives may be. Love this bride and groom. Fantastic couple and exquisite evening

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The splendor of the Florida Keys sunset, glorious to behold, could not outshine this gorgeous bride and groom on their long awaited wedding day. Dan and Lauren's love was beautiful to behold, and this shot captures a moment of its brilliance.

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