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Rami Ajo

Studio: Rami Ajo Photography

Detroit (United States)

Rami is a portrait wedding photographer based in Detroit, Michigan and available worldwide.

Rami started photography in 2016, when he started to believe that he can bring his vision to life, and leave a foot print behind for his clients to keep their memories last a lifetime.

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Rami Ajo About

that day was a beautiful Rainy day, the rain has stopped right before the ceremony ended. loved the moon and the mood of this night, did not know the couple had that beautiful classic car after the ceremony so I asked the couple to tell each other whats the first word you want to express your feeling after the Ceremony, ' I Love You ' was their first thing to say to each other.

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Rami Ajo About

It’s almost impossible to find the perfect spot sometimes to create an image, but I always follow the light, when I see light I see my image, to create a unique shots I must challenge my self to bring my vision to life, Loved how the sun setting down and the light was just perfect to lit my beautiful couple, just how it is in this beautiful image.

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Rami Ajo About

As the couple was heading towards their ceremony and excited for their upcoming new life together, couldn’t tell the story better than capturing the moment and the happiness on their faces. one shot tells it all.

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