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Kat Akers

Studio: Requiem Images

Pittsburgh (United States)

Artistic Wedding Photojournalism with an element of fine art photography.

No limit to hours, photos, or creativity.

Based in Pittsburgh, willing to travel anywhere! :)

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Kat Akers About

My partner and I, along with my two daughters, had just bought a house and become a family. It turns out that my first shoot in our new city was an amazing couple who were also joining together to become a blended family, so the experience meant even more to me. I took a lot of fun, playful photos of them all as a group, but for these two alone, I really wanted to showcase the magnificent downtown of Pittsburgh, my new home. The whole series, and this photo in particular, turned out even better than I expected, and I am now incredibly honored to call this place home!

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Kat Akers About

Cate had loved the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh since the first time she set foot inside, so she and her fiancé Stephen were both really excited to shoot their engagement photos there. I knew it would be beautiful as well, but none of us could have anticipated the sort of amazingly dramatic images we would end up with - the whole series is truly incredible!

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Kat Akers About

When driving to the rehearsal, I passed several fields of purple flowers and totally fell in love. I hoped I would find a similar landscape at the actual wedding site, but while I did find some of the flowers, there were only a few. Since I had so little to work with, I had to spend quite some time trying out different perspectives until the I found one with which I was completely happy. Then, on the wedding day, I simply asked the bride and groom to take a moment for themselves while I kept adjusting myself in the flowers until the image looked as magical as what I had envisioned.

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Kat Akers About

From the first moment I stepped inside this breathtaking cathedral I knew I wanted to take a photograph showcasing the couple, architecture, and light - all of which were glowing and beautiful. After the bride and groom said their vows, I had them stand in the aisle and talk to one another until a real moment was created and I was able to document it all together in one gorgeous frame.

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