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Richard Stobbe

Studio: Paragon Expressions

Marrakesh (Morocco)

I'm Richard, a Canadian living in the beautiful country of Morocco. I love getting to know people and capturing their love stories. I believe that every individual has been created uniquely and that no story is like another. With each couple I am passionate about creating something new that perfectly represents them yet staying true to my photojournalistic style which is full of color, creativity, and life. Your wedding photos should reflect who you are and all of the moments and expressions that make your day yours. When you see your photos I want you to be totally amazed by how beautiful and unique they are and hope I've created a "paragon" the preserves all of the expressions and memories from your day!

I love what I do, and I consider it a privilege to celebrate with you, and be entrusted to capture your love story.

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Richard Stobbe About

We wanted to something a little different with Ehab & Israa’s wedding photoshoot The tide was low and the sand was just perfect for this shot. There are a lot of rocks on the beach, and I saw a small opening in them. Using a wide angle I laid on the sand and pointed the camera up giving the illusion of a large cave opening when really the opening was no more than 3 feet high. Sometimes it’s worth it to get a little dirty for the shot.

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