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Veronika Haas

Studio: Fotokunst Haas

Magdeburg (Germany)

I’m Veronika Haas

- im the one with the smile and an optimist and believe in the good in life

- able and happy to improvise

- an emotional human being

- daydreamer

- world traveler

- a mixture of Russian and German background

- absolut dog lover

- practical approach to challenges

- nature loving

- passion for details

"Life is full of magical moments, one must just see them!"

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Veronika Haas About

Fall into love with someone who will know your favorite color, who loves how you laugh,
who knows exactly how you like your coffee, who will put his head on your chest only to hear your heartbeat
and who wants to wake up with you every single day of his life.
Bride: @sandra.schroeder_

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