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Kostas Mathioulakis

Studio: Kostas Mathioulakis

Athens (Greece)

My first interest, is to create a strong relationship with my customers, I want to understand what exactly they want, to invade in their inner world and with the help of my camera to capture their strongest moments. Moments full of emotion, moments that every couple wish to last forever. They used to tell that the devil is οn the detail so I hunt the detail, I want my job has identity and character.

Through my photos I want to tell a story, a story full of emotions, a story that they will never forget.

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Kostas Mathioulakis About

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Kostas Mathioulakis About

Sirine & Romain was a French couple get married in Naxos island on a beautiful ceremony near the beach. They making a special sand ritual by placing into a bottle the sand they had collected from 6 different places, which they have visited and were of great importance to them.
Tunisia, where the bride`s family comes from, Marseille the groom's birth place, Hawai Huahine and Santorini, the couple's most favourite islands and of course Naxos the final place where the sand was collected and placed on top, and the bottle was sealed.

32 collection