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Thanasis Tzimas Photography

Athens, Greece

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Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, it doesn't matter if the weather is sunny or snowy.
Nick & Marietta always wanted a next day photoshoot in the snow. In Greece rarely snows especially in big cities. We couldn't grab the opportunity when it finally happened. We chose the most picturesque place near Athens, lake Beletsi. The day of the photoshooting was sunny and hot (as always in Greece), not the best weather for me.
I noticed the sun above the lake and followed the opposite direction. We had to move on the other side of the lake, hiking in the melted snow.
I placed the couple in such way to use the sun as a backlight and I climbed a hill (not the most comfortable place to push the click button) for a better view of them. My partner lit their faces with a flash. I set a high aperture in my camera in order to achieve this "star" result of the sun and BOOM... This is the result!

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